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Welcome to Urban Camper Hostel & Bar: Where Indoor camping meets the best bar Adventures

Discover Copenhagen in a whole new light at Urban Camper Hostel & Bar. Indoor Camping at Its Best: Here at Urban Camper, we're flipping the script on regular stays. Dive into the indoor camping charm – big, comfy tents that bring a vibe of their own. It's all about comfort and community, creating a stay in Copenhagen you won't forget. Whether you're flying solo or camping with your crew, our indoor camping setup is your ticket to a snug retreat right in the heart of the city 🌟🏕️

Cozy tents, comfy vibes, and a social scene that’s unique. It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s an experience with fellow travelers who's in the search of the unconventional. At Urban Camper Hostel, we're all about blending camping and hostel life in style. A massive social bar, comfy bunk-beds, and top-notch facilities – we’ve got it all covered. Come stay with us, and let the good times roll! 🏕️🍻

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Urban Camper cheap hostel + beer-bar in Copenhagen
Cheap hostel + beer-bar in Copenhagen with shuffleboard and pool

Indoor Camping Redefined at Urban Camper Hostel & Bar

Discover a one-of-a-kind indoor camping experience at Urban Camper becasue our hostel is like nowhere else in the hotel game. Why? 'Cause we've got this cool indoor camping thing happening right in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Yep, you heard it right. Picture this: you stay in tents inside our hostel. It's camping, but without the annoying stuff like mosquitos and leaky tents. We've got that genuine camping spirit minus the hassle.

After globetrotting for years, staying in hostels worldwide, we had an idea. Let's create a spot where like-minded travelers from all corners of the globe can kick back. A chill space for exploration, partying, making new buds, and building memories. We wanted it to be cooler, cleaner, and cheaper than the rest, and where else but in Nørrebro, Copenhagen? So, behold – our urban-jungle-inspired campground right smack in the city.
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Local Hotspot: The Lively Bar Scene at Urban Camper in Nordvest

Join both travelers and locals at our bustling bar in Nordvest. Knock yourself out with some pool tables, shuffleboard, and a extensive collection of local and international craft beers and cocktails. Get into the laid-back vibe that's made our bar a go-to in the Nordvest area.

Our bar isn't just about getting a drink – it's the local hangout in Nordvest. Come vibe with other travelers, mix with the locals, and soak in the goodness of pool tables, shuffleboard, and a wide range of craft beers and cocktails. The scene is all about keeping it easygoing, setting the stage for making memories and scoring some new friendships. 🎱🍹

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Cheap hostel + beer-bar in Copenhagen with Happy Hour and live sports
Cheap hostel + beer-bar in Copenhagen close to bus, train and Metro

Crafted Atmosphere: Mixing Local Charm and Urban Camping Vibes at Urban Camper Hostel & Bar

Feel the vibes of Nordvest with our special mix of local hospitality and urban camping. Dive into the local scene, kick back in snug tents, and join the lively social scene at Urban Camper Hostel & Bar.

Lock in your spot now and dive into the ultimate combo of indoor camping, local charm, and bar adventures at Urban Camper Hostel & Bar in Copenhagen. 🏕️🌆🎉


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