Shuffleboard bar in Copenhagen with large selection of amazing craft beers

Shuffleboard bar in Copenhagen with craft beers that is perfect for bigger groups and private parties. Play shuffleboard, drink craft-beers and have a perfect night in our laid-back and casual urban-jungle heaven.  With shuffleboard and craft beers you are guaranteed a great evening for your next night out with family or friends. Shuffleboard is the perfect activity for a birthday party, bachelor party, Friday bar and everyone can play. Sooo, what are you waiting for?
Book a shuffleboard table now and be prepared to get hooked on this fun, easy and totally addictive bar game.

Buy Beers = play free shuffleboard every Tuesday

Every Tuesday you can play free shuffleboard if you buy a round of drinks for all players. Make a booking here and join us for cheap Tuesday shuffle
Urban Camper, shuffleboard bar in Copenhagen
Play shuffleboard at Urban Camper. Daily Happy Hour
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Shuffleboard and craft beers. Decide who buys the next round in the bar

Let the red and blue pucks decide who buys the next round of beers or cocktails in the bar. Get jiggy with it on the long shiny tables with the delicately sprinkled sand and decide who is champion once and for all. At Urban Camper we have three shuffleboard tables where up to eight people can play at the same time. When you book a table here you book for one hour. 

If you wish to play on two tables if you are eighth people or less you will be charged for 10 players. Likewise, if you want to play on three tables and there are 16 people or less you will be charged for 18 players.

If you have any special requests and want to play for more than one hour or if you wish to book all the tables for a private party this can easily be arranged. Please get in touch here

Price per hour per person:
50,- Sunday - Wednesday
75,- Thursday - Saturday
time: 60 minutes

please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late for your booking, we reserve the rights to pass on the tables for people on the waiting list

Play shuffleboard and drink craft-beers at Urban Camper Bar and have a fun night at our Urban camp-ground

Shuffleboard is the ideal bar game because it is super simple to learn and easy to play. Everyone can play and you can start playing straight away. No warm up and stretches necessary. But be careful! It is very addictive and it very quickly becomes very competitive, we’re speaking from experience. Shuffleboard is perfect for bigger groups looking for an activity where everyone can join and have fun and is perfect for a company event, bachelor party or christmas party. We say Play shuffleboard, drink craft beers and forget all your worries in our laid-back and casual urban jungle heaven. 
Urban Camper i København. Ølbar med shuffleboard og craft beer

Play shuffleboard and drink craft-beers at Urban Camper

We are super proud of the bar's large and ambitious selection of craft beers from both international and local Danish breweries and we are always happy to give you a recommendation so you can find the perfect beer for you. If you’re not a beer-drinker, we also have a great selection of different drinks and cocktails to set the scene for a fun evening out on the town with friends or family.

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