Challenge friends and family for a round of shuffleboard at Urban Camper Bar

Have you ever tried shuffleboard? If not, now's the time! Urban Camper bar is the best spot in Nordvest for a game of shufflboard with friends or family. Book your shuffleboard table now and be prepared to get hooked on this fun, easy and totally addictive bar game.
Urbancamper shuffleboards
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The super popular bar game shuffleboard has taken Copenhagen by storm the last couple of years and Urban Camper Hostel & Bar is no exception. Our shuffleboard tables have quickly become super popular with the local crowd and are often all booked out  on weekend nights.
This simple game is perfect for anyone between the age of 10 and 100 because the rules are easy to learn and understand, making the game fun and casual.
The accessibility of the game makes it perfect for anything from a family occasion to a night out with friends. The game can be played by two people or up to eight at the time.
Shuffleboard is best described as curling on a table without a broom.
• Each game is 60 minutes
• 2-8 players per table
• Price 40 DKK per person Sunday - Wednesday
• Price 60 DKK per person Thursday - Saturday
Besides shuffleboard we also have pool tables in the bar and boardgames free of charge.

So grab your friends and drag them to Urban Camper Bar and challenge them in shuffleboard, pool or a game of chess to see who is buying the next round.

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